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The conference aims to take stock of the state of knowledge and the return of experiences 
in the transformation of natural and human ecosystems.
Work on coastal ecosystems will be given special attention. Indeed, in some respects,
these are excellent indicators for understanding the environmental degradation
and the risks to which the human population is exposed.
Coastal eco-systems are above all a source of life for humans and wildlife.
They translate to themselves all the evils of society: disappearance of aquatic
species due to intensive fishing, handing over of natural habitats following
the process of urbanization and recreational tourism,
water pollution by pesticides related to agricultural practices,
erosion and soil acidification, exposure to climate change ...

If coastal ecosystems are the theme of this symposium, CIFEODD and the IFP
also wish to broaden the debate by addressing the issue of sustainable
development more generally.
An inventory of actions carried out by civil society (NGOs, associations),
 a presentation of national and local policies (decentralized cooperation),
a return on practices in education for sustainable development or a light
on the discussions in ethics and governance are expected by the conference organizers.

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